foodventure | ep 1 TO’s finest

welcome to the first foodventure!!

last week, my friend kat and i decided to explore a few different food spots around downtown toronto; but what’s better than eating a whole bunch of new foods? $5 food deals!!!

when you’re ballin’ on a budget, but still want to explore and create new experiences TO’s Finest’s app gives you that option! through becoming a member, we were both able to try foods for $5. with that, we decided to try rancho 2 go, located on 529 bloor street west, and eva’s original chimneys, located on 454 bloor street west. at rancho’s i ordered one fish taco and one pulled pork taco and they were both super delicious! definitely worth the trip. at eva’s, i ordered their famous cinnamon sugar cone with a chocolate truffle bottom, filled with soft served twist ice cream. this was also such a great place to try. both shops were pretty busy when i walked in. the décor and aesthetic of each shop also really matched the food that they served. rancho’s was more on the hipster side, whereas eva’s was more industrial looking, matching the “chimney” idea. i would definitely recommend these spots to anyone!

after walking along bloor street, we decided to make our way down to dundas square. the weather was super-hot, which we thought called for the start of patio season! we decided to go to milestones’ patio to enjoy the weather. at milestones, we ordered a shareable accompanied by some drinks. the shareable was their mediterranean goat cheese platter. this consisted of goat cheese topped with red pepper relish, served with toasted focaccia bread, fig jam and roasted garlic.  kat and i both haven’t tried goat cheese before so we were hesitant in ordering it, but our waiter convinced us to try it and it turned out pretty good! with our shareable, we also ordered their somersby white sangria, because what better way to celebrate the start of patio season than with some wine.

overall, our day consisted of a bunch of different foods all under $35 and i’d say that’s money well spent!

if you’re interested, check out my youtube video Foodventure | Ep 1 TO’s Finest capturing the entire day and stay tuned for more foodventures!



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