part 1: fresh start

welcome to a new beginning, a fresh start.

i’m here to share my personal progress and growth with y’all and to find ways to strengthen my soul. i hope you enjoy this journey with me. it’s going to be a long one.

part one: fresh start.

my fresh start begins with a simple question; “where do i see my future self?” lying in bed for days, feeling sorry for myself, thinking about all of the things i’ve done in the past, all of the things i thought i could have changed… those thoughts were draining me. physically and mentally, it’s exhausting to constantly think about the “what ifs,” or “what could’ve happened,” so instead, why not think about “what can happen,” and this.. this is where it all begins.

throughout my life or even throughout this past month, feeling sorry for myself was always so easy. it’s easy to question why bad things are happening. it’s easy to consume my mind with negative thoughts. it’s easy to overlook life’s blessings.


the challenge here is learning how to enlarge my own vision… learning how to trust the process. learning how to trust in life’s process. thinking about where i see myself in the future is my fresh start.

so stay tuned for step one: acceptance.

till then, don’t forget to trust the process.





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